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April 8, 2010


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“No small country can depend for it’s existence on the loyalty of its capitalists”.
George Grant, “Lament for a Nation”

“Jesus Lloyd (Axworthy), I’ve just come back from Collingwood. They don’t believe in Canada … anymore”.
John Turner after a meeting with Canadian corporate business CEO’s

“Indeed the integration is inevitable”.
Sherry Cooper V/P and chief economist of BMO Nesbitt Burns

“We are heading toward some kind of greater North American Union”
Michael Bliss Historian

It comes as no surprize, my fellow Canadians, that our Corporate leaders have been zealously pushing with varying degrees of success greater integration with the United States of America; particularly economic integration but foreign, military, customs, security, energy, health and monetary policies as well, to name a few of the obvious. We also know that a good many of our political leaders have bought into the ‘inevitability’ ideology that has issued from the think tanks of the Fraser Institute, the C.D.Howe Institute and the Canadian Conference of Chief Executives, The Heritage Institute etc.

This inevitable integration campaign for the last thirty years has been successful beyond their wildest dreams. Against citizen opinion this onslaught of propaganda (all great propaganda contains kernels of truth: we do need to trade with the U.S.) has led the Canadian citizen into a learned helplessness, an inability to make their values, ethics and common sense heard. Citizens know it. They throw their arms up in disgust and resignation. Our Media does not reflect our concerns other than punditing the latest gun death, stolen baby or successful Canadian comic living in LA. Other than the odd rebuttal on CBC (which as we speak, April 7, 2010 is receiving another funding cut and threatening to cut back prime time canadian content) do we ever see an analyses of the American capitalist/globalist corporate economic model. Never and certainly not in the major newspapers’ business pages with one exception: David Olive in the Toronto Star.

Is it possible to restore some sanity to and perspective of this ‘inevitable integration’ into the American Empire.? I would venture that there may only be one solution to keeping the Empire running for another hundred years.

Have them BUY Canada. I think we can civilize, take the edges off their brand of Darwinian corporate capitalism.

Conversely our elites have already sold or work for the machine and essentially function as courtier’s at the court of mammon. Our politician’s, CEO’s, lawyer’s etc. are all in agreement (that in itself is dangerous) and have spent hundred’s of million’s of dollars convincing us that there are no choices. Integrate or die.!!!

Well, let’s take them at their word! Sell before they evict us or we find out we have no choices. Hate to tell you’all this but our hands are tied behind our back already. FTA, NFTA etc.

So here’s what I propose:

Canada has mineral wealth, water, clean and dirty energy, modern infrastruture, educated and docile population etc. well worth trillions. Therefore:

1) Thirty to fifty million each, tax free. Half if you’re a dual citizen. Pro-rated for the number of years in the country if you’re an immigrant. Zero for CEO’s of foreign corporations, financial speculators and bank presidents.
2) We get to keep our health care until we die. Free.
3) We get to vote in the american election immediately. At least we’ll have a say in who’s running the big show. This includes senators and congressmen. No person holding previous political office can run.
4) All agreements with the aboriginal soverign cultures to be grandfathered. According to John Ralston Saul in ‘A Fair Country’ we’re all Metis anyway. Trick negotiating point.
5) NABC (formerly the CBC) to be funded for twenty years at three billion a year.

There you have it. Thirty three million former canadian, now multi millionaires let loose on the american public. Think of how we could change the centre of the world, with apologies to Toronto!

I urge you all to spread the proposal!!!

Of course our elites will be disgusted. Will try to vilify and yell treasonous! Don’t listen. They are only trying to save their own priveledged middle man position in the North American hierarchy. They have, like a biopsy, cut small piece after bigger piece from our collective soul.

In any event. I don’t think you can take the canada (meaning village) out of we northern peoples. Our shared collectivism, memory or values. We can share our sensibility with them.

And if truth be known, a healthy proportion of Canadian’s have bought an even bigger myth. The American Myth.

There are a great many virtues to the United States. It is a great aspirational society. But it did not invent liberty. Or democracy. America in it’s present capitalist corporate form is anti democratic. The corporate counter revolution of the last four decades was in response to what they perceived to be an “excess of democracy”.

Canada it is time to look reality in the face. What IS, IS. Let’s have this dialogue.

And for all you ‘cultural workers’ out there join the Creative Arts Savings and Credit Union!

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