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August 1, 2010

CONRAD BLACK: Going to Hell

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Our lord and saviour, Conrad Black, or as we like to refer to his lordship, ‘Lordy’, is temporarily out of the clink and cutting a swath through the pages and columns of Canadian society, or as his lordy likes to characterize our confederation, a “ Third World dump run by raving socialists”: and now His Lordy wants to come ‘home’.

Conrad the Incorrigible says, “ Toronto is pleasant this time of year,” and Babs of the Bounteous Beautiful Breasts isn’t feeling well in the Palm Beach air so they would like to come ‘home’. Translated: Conny hasn’t been in Toronto in July in a humid wave in a long time and ‘ I’m broke and Babs needs the Socialized Medicare System’.

If Lord and Lady Black of Crosswhatever wish to step back on the soil of Canada they will need a Ministerial Directive as Lordy is presently a convicted felon. Lordy has renounced his citizenship, soiling the good name of the country in the process and this observer says that Lordy has to give up the title and pay for health care like any other Alien or as we more politely say in Canuckistan, foreigner. As Lordy’s English passport has expired he is a displaced person with no documentation. Therefore he has to go through the immigration process. As Canada has signed on to an another integration agreement with the United States that all undocumented aliens must apply for immigrant status from the other country, His Lordy will have to apply from the U.S. Of course given that his passport has expired he therefore should be sent back to prison. But of course we at McFee’s Musing’s can anticipate the Harper Government genuflecting to the Lord’s wishes.

On a more serious note: All of the above is subject to a libel law suit irrespective of it’s satirical truth. One of the great truths of Conrad Black and admired in chattering classes is that Blacky has been able to use libel and the Canadian Judicial System to technically get away with myriade immoral, unethical but legal manipulations in business and to keep his detractors at bay. Therefore Lord Black has been able to flout the system in your face while walking away with union pension funds and shareholder value. What used to be criminal is now legal. That is one of the legacies of the last 30 years. Conrad Black has been one of the leading lights in that onslaught of the far right corporate agenda. And now that the United States Supreme Court is 8/9ths composed of corporate lawyer’s, Blacky has been saved from the completion of his sentence. As will Jeffrey Skilling, Goldman Sachs and the like who destroyed billions of dollars in pension, shareholder value and lives. The decisions of the Roberts U.S. Supreme Court of the last two years have resulted in an unleashing of corporate rights at the expense of civil rights. In essence a reaffirmation of the 30 year take over of democracy by reworking the laws to the benefit of transnational capital under assorted ‘free trade’ regimes.

Irrespective of Lordy teaching his fellow inmates to read, his feigned softening up and the panderers and compadors that are attempting to rehabilitate his Lordship, the facts are that in the Age of Economics, Lord Black used his vast knowledge of history to subvert and destroy democracy, supplanting the freedom of peoples with the corporatism of the few. Like the spoiled selfish child he is, Lordy’s needs came first to the detriment of the commons. For Mr. Black, in fact they were synonymous with Himself. Because the hubristic Lord Black had the ability and brains and wherewithal to contribute to the good of humanity is a double strike. If there is a God and He has been accurately quoted then Conrad Black will be going to hell.

Cardinal Richeleau


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Makes Census:

According to the bright lights at right wing charity, The Fraser Institute, the Prime Minister’s long census degrading from compulsory to voluntary is exactly what is needed. But not for the obvious reasons of privacy and that government shouldn’t know how many bedroom’s are in your house.

No, the reason is that business that want these statistics should pay for them. Now on the surface that is appealing. Why shouldn’t business pay for them? Well let’s think about that! Firstly, if corporations provide statistics as opposed to polls or surveys that they are doing all the time in any event, that information will be specific to that corporation’s need. Secondly, that information becomes proprietary information. No one can see it except at a price. And thirdly, because no one can see it except for a price, the assertions of that information are and will be difficult to challenge. Therefore as an example, the Fraser Institute’s assertion in 2006 that 400 million dollars can be saved in the Health Care Industry by paying kitchen and cleaning staffs close to minimum wages will be difficult to challenge. Why? The Labour statistics portion of the census will be inaccurate. It then becomes my stats. vs. your stats. Which of course serves the purpose of the corporate agenda which fully funds the Fraser Institute. There will be no arbitrator like Stats.Can. That can be trusted that is.

No Census:

That Canadians should have access to where, how and what kind of country they are living in and who is in control of what. That Mel Hurtig or Stephen Clarkson or Maud Barlow or Naomi Klein or Linda McQuaig or Donald Gutstein or the Parliamentary Opposition or non-profits or university researchers should have access to information that isn’t provided by the corporation’s in charge.

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