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September 26, 2010

The Armageddon Factor

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Marci MacDonald’s new book, The Armageddon Factor, is an investigative revelation and should be a wake up call for all those somnolent Canadian’s that insist that what happens in America can never happen in Canada.

The Armageddon Factor details the history in Canada of right wing Evangelicalism, and it’s marriage with politics, money and neo-liberal economics. It follows the threads of the evangelical nationalists, dominionists, dispensationalists sects, the prosperity doctrine, and the literalist theologies from America that interlace through the fabric of Canadian right wing evangelicalism right up to our born again Evangelical Prime Minister Steven Harper’s office where interns from Bible Colleges with degress in economics learn the political craft and spin of power in service to create a christian nation.

Canadian’s who think we live in a country that has a separation of church and state, need to know that there is no such separation in Canadian law, and that there is a faction of the populace that believes Canada has been chosen to be the promised christian ruled land. This fact came as an un-nerving revelation.

Ms. MacDonald chronicles the methods of the christian right to subvert the Canadian Radio and Television Commission in order to facilitate exclusive religious media in radio and television, particularly in the west.

Exceptionally revealing are the methods picked up from the religious right of America: methods used to take over school boards, city and town councils, federally elected officials as well as the promulgation of supposed citizen groups advocating sexist, racist, xenophobic and fascist ideologies couched in religious and economic freedom. One of the favoured tactics when using hate speech against gays and immigrants for example is to attack the Charter of Rights and Human Rights Tribunals as limiting freedom of religion and speech. Then if found in contravention, accusing the state of fascism. It’s an old political trick: accuse the victim of the very crime you commit.

Ms. MacDonald ties the book all together by pointing out how family values, law and order conservatives in deceit with neo-conservatives have been able to exploit the fundamentalist Evangelical, Orthodox Catholic and Orthodox Jewish citizens to become a significant part of the hard core of Harper’s 30% base. Thus the Harper foreign policy commitment to Israel where the supposed rapture will occur and all Evangelicals and 144 thousand converted former Jews to Jesus will be raptured to heaven while the rest of us are engaged in the blood bath of Armageddon. As a supporter of Israel, to watch Israel be used as a christian Crusade is deplorable and beneath contempt.

Ms. MacDonald gives us the history of how this false doctrine has been disseminated.
The who’s and how’s of the selective readings of biblical literalists have been turned into this apocalyptic take on humanity. Humanism, tolerance, common sense, compassion, love thy neighbor are thrown out the window. This is war, war not jaw, jaw. The theocracy must rule. Remind you of anywhere else in the world!

This creed of despair, except for the chosen, has politically been wrapped in the term Values Voters. Established social and civic values are attacked and spun: abortion, choice, womens rights, gun control, evolution, tolerance, education, science, nationalism, welfare, inequality, unions, immigration etc. are EVIL. The civic landscape is black and white with no room for compromise or tolerance. Multi-culturalism is anathema.

The Armageddon Factor’s ‘christian movement’ has total certainty, absolute certainty, no doubt of it’s efficacy. We are all to follow that certainty or we are banished to eternal damnation. There is no doubt, they are right, you are an unbeliever. They strive for a christian nation and militant nationalism. This is fascism or certainly far right authoritarianism. This is real, not a conspiracy.

We see this in our Prime Minister as he incrementally enables the agenda of ‘values voter’s’. The great service of Ms. MacDonald’s book is the naming of names and the exposure to light of how this Theocratic ideology has infiltrated all levels of government’s, particularly the Federal Government, and how this has come about through the nurturing and training at think tank’s like the libertarian Fraser Institute and the religious colleges like Trinity Western in B.C. and the further interning and employment of these acolytes in minister’s offices and the Privy Council of the Prime Minister.

The very disturbing aspect of this revolution has been the political marriage of right wing Evangelical, Orthodox Catholic, Orthodox Jewish fundamentalism with right wing Chicago School Libertarian Economics: anti government, no tax, individual vs. communal rights, corporatism. This marriage creates a volatile mix of gas on fire that has been beautifully manipulated by politician’s, media and big business.

This is wonderfully illustrated by the appointment on Friday, September 24, 2010 of the Prime Minister’s new Chief of Staff, Nigel Wright. Mr. Wright is an executive of Onex Corporation, a very large and influential investment firm and was the presumed heir to the chief of Onex. Mr. Wright specialized in buying supposedly underperforming companies and making them profitable. We may all remember that Onex ‘bought’ Air Canada, hived off the profitable parts into a fund that is very profitable and left the debt to the airline. It used to be called cannibalizing until Wall Street and Bay Street became invincible. Mr. Wright was involved in the stabbing of Joe Clark for Brian Mulroney who he later worked for in the policy end of the Privy Council, meaning lower taxes for corporations and the off shoring of 100 billion dollars, tax free, for the wealthiest families in Canada. Mr. Wright is also a director of The Manning Centre, a corporate funded think tank for former Reform Leader and ordained minister Preston Manning. There readers is an example of the confluence of the corporate, the religeous and the political. Even though there has been a silent ‘elite accommodation’ with Bay street by the conservatives, who never think they have enough, this appointment cements Mr. Harper’s hard right economic agenda with big cash and his incremental ‘religious accommodation’. And all without a whisper from the Main Street Media.

The Media in Canada refuse, are enabling or are asleep to this deadly threesome. This in itself is a book that needs to be written.

Don’t misunderstand me. No nation can survive without a moral base. Every human needs to nuture their soul. But to claim religeous exclusivity and condemn the ‘other’ while having control over the leavers of political and economic power spells disaster. There are numerous Historical examples of cultures disintegrating through war, genocide and revolution when religeon, economics and politics go to bed for a threesome.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you! love thy Neighbour!

I highly recommend this absorbing and accurate investigation. Ms. McDonald is to be commended for this brave and revealing document.

Dwight McFee

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