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July 22, 2012

MITT ROMNEY: Sincere Ignorance

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Sometimes history burps up revelatory moments or people that upon reflection in the moment or in time crystallize the epoch. George W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished”, G. H. W. Bush’s “Read My Lips”, Dick Cheney’s “Ronald Reagan proved debt doesn’t matter”, Marie Antoinette’s, “let them eat cake” are examples of what Doctor Martin Luther King describes as, ” nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”.

Which brings us, dear readers, to the latest scion of the plutocracy: Willard Mitt Romney, Republican Presidential Candidate.
The Mittster is the embodiment of American Capitalism as well as North America Calvinist morality.
Mitt and Anne “you people” Romney, are courtier characters in the American play, Business is Business: how God Forgives me on Sunday. The American Psychic triumph of religious fundamentalism and market fundamentalism has been fused in the Mittster.

Mitt Romney believes, sincerely, though a bright man, that the last 30 years of unregulated American plantation capitalism (making the illegal legal, privatizing profits and socializing the costs) continues to be the answer in 2012 irrespective of a list of banking, corporate and investment bank scandals that have devastated the economy. The latest is the LIBOR or London InterBank Offered Rate that was being ‘fixed’ throughout the economic crisis. The LIBOR is the interest rate set voluntarily every day by a small consortium of banks that set the rate on 700 trillion dollars of debt around the world around 11:30 am. Now, after the last five years of shenanigans, how can you not see the rot and corruption. But the Mittster can’t and that sure sounds to me like sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. The Mittster believes Americans of a certain class, job creators (vs wealth creators commonly known as the workers) deserve no estate taxes, corporations should not have to pay taxes on foreign profit, corporate taxes should be lower than the real effective rate which is 7% not 35%, tax holidays for off shore tax havens, the continuing privatization of the commons, and on and on from the Book of Market Fundamentalism.

The Book of Religious Evangelical Fundamentalism gives absolution on Sunday (reboot) for our deeds during the week. How many VIP hypocrites have you seen in the pews on Sunday after a week of turning your community into hell. Think mine workers the last century or now in West Virginia where a coal magnate can kill 25 people and walk away with millions. The magnate goes to church every week and smiles. See Kentucky.

There is a mental feverishness that seems to have taken the soul of America. It is as if an overwhelming urge to be good is subsumed to the reptile brain. Atavistic rather than enlightened. Utilitarian vs visionary. Private rather than communal. Predatory rather than nurturing.

I am very aware that this is harsh. Mitt and Anne think their nurturing, and they are to their tribe and family. Mitt is a devout Mormon and he tithes, gives 10% to the church. Mitt gives sparingly to charities.
But Mitt has confused American Exceptionalism as Business Divine right. As most Americans do. Religious commitment as a dispensation from the obligation of human community and dignity. As a leveraged buy out king and off shoring job specialist it is difficult to reconcile a devout Mormon (or any other religious devotee) with the predatory practices of Bain Capital and the Masters of the Universe.
But Mitt is able to do it. I mean “corporations are people, my friend”, says it all.

When history shows and reveals to us the stupidity of our elites; Iraq, Vietnam, de-regulation, To Big to Fail Banks etc. remember decisions were made by the people who most benefit, and it won’t be in your interests. People like Mitt Romney remind me of Don Draper in Mad Men. Bereft of compassion, unable to understand his own needs. Emotionally incapable, a 12 year old telling us what to buy in the great American myth making market of advertising. Two men, Don and Mitt, who know but choose to be conscientiously stupid about what is really happening. Only intelligent people can be conscientiously stupid. They are not stupid and that is what makes them dangerous.

I guess if you believe that life is a competition of the fittest, you will never understand the concept of Western Civilization. After all my name is Mitt Romney and I’m a Businessman. Corporations are people and people are a commodity, my friend.

History revealed in a sentence. Will we do anything about it?

Good Luck

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  1. thought you might get a kick out of this:)

    Comment by The BroadHouse — July 26, 2012 @ 1:35 am | Reply

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