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July 29, 2012

London Olympics Opening Ceremonies

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“There is no such thing as society.”
Margaret Thatcher

I cried. The great human hymn Abide By Thee closing the Culture/Entertainment portion of the Opening Ceremonies. The Celebration of the National Health System with magical beds of monsters, nurses and Mary Poppins integrated with the vast trove of British Isles children’s literature as the core of the ceremonies. I cried! This ceremony, befitting old Britain had Bond, the Bard and a Beatle and a Queen.
All the modern iconography of Britain. But the National Health Care System???

I was stunned when Brian Williams on the broadcast conveyed what was transpiring before my very eyes: before the capitalist world Britain was thumbing their collective fingers and saying that the collective health and welfare of the citizenry is worth celebrating, indeed is an Olympic ideal, a centerpiece of British life, highly valued in the new age of austerity, or conversely, the New Gilded Age of financial thievery.

If it wasn’t so heart sickeningly funny, it was illuminating watching the coverage in Canada on CTV vs TSN vs American TV coverage. The word ‘weird’ kept coming up, particularly on the sports channels.

They couldn’t comprehend that a nation might be proud of a project that serves the needs of the individual through the Commons. That major stars would subvert their ego for the British narrative. All the participants for that segment were volunteers from the Health Service! How could they be so proud of a socialist, nay, Commy plot! was the implication on Fox and Friends. National Health Service=Obamacare. In Canada the coverage was more akin to embarrassed silence that the director Doyle (Slumdog Millionaire) would be so gauche as to display passion for universal Health Care when we are so diligently trying to turn our system over to American Insurance Inc. Embarrassed Silence. Weird?

The British, excluding the Welch, Irish and Scots, have a lot to answer for in the preceding five centuries. The Imperial Empire Mind lives on in financial services and America, witness the latest LIBOR (London InterBank Offered Rate) scandal, fixing international interest rates on 400 TRILLION dollars of mortgages, loans and derivatives, conservatively.

The Olympic Movement at it’s heart is a great clan gathering still. That mass marketing, crony capitalism and assorted deviants of the sports and finance nexus allowed fifteen minutes to celebrate a government ( public ) service had to have been fought for. I would love to have been at that content planning meeting!

These 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremonies offered the notion that the Gold lies within us as a global community to come to terms with our pressing global issues through the Commons for All.

To champion a collective accomplishment like a National Health System is courageous in the face of modern Plantation Capitalism.

Big shout out to Director Doyle and the opening ceremony creative brain trust. A modern history lesson with entertainment!

Chimo Margaret

Dwight McFee

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