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January 13, 2010

A Reading List for the Winter

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( To be intermittently updated )
John Ralston Saul: A FAIR COUNTRY  &  The DOUBTER”S COMPANION – a dictionary of aggressive   
common sense
 Tom Paulin: The Secret Life of POEMS
Stephen Henighan: A Report on the Afterlife of Culture: When words deny the world.

Paul Muolo and Mathew Padilla: Chain of Blame

McChesney: The Political Economy of the Media

Ravi Batra: Greenspan’s Fraud

Jimmy Carter: We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land

Peter Urmetzer: Globalization Unplugged

Robert O. Collins: A History of Modern Sudan

Paul Collier: Wars, Guns, and Votes

Paul Palango: Dispersing the Fog (RCMP)

David Spaner: Dreaming in the Rain (How Vancover became Hollywood North)

Hans Fallada: Every Man Dies Alone

Michael Signer: Demagogue: The fight to save democracy from it’s worst enemy

Michael J. Panzer: When Giants Fall (an excuse for apocalyptic greed)

Stephen Swartz: The Other Islam

Clancy Martin (edited by): The Philosophy of Deception

Roger Thurow and Scott Kilman: ENOUGH, Why the world’s poorest starve in an age of plenty

Suzanne Simon: Master Of War: Blackwater USA’s Erik Prince and the business of war

T.C.F. Hopkins: Empires, Wars, and Battles The Middle East from Antiquity to the rise of the New World (Ancient roots of conflict)

Godfrey Hodgson: The Myth of American Exceptionalism

Peter Maass: Crude World, The Violent Twilight of Oil

Gordon Hempton: One Sguare Inch of Silence ( Silence )

Willem Vogelsang: The Afgans

Dragan Todorovic: Diary of interrupted Days ( Fiction re: Yugoslavia in the 90’s )

Cleo Paskal: Global Warring. How environmental, economic and political crisis will redraw the map of    the world.

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