McFee's Musings

Theatre Resume



HEIGHT 5’10½"
WEIGHT 165 lbs
Premier Artist Management Ltd.
273 Eglington Avenue E.
Toronto, Ont.
M4P 1L3
HAIR Blonde


Someone Is Going To Come Man One Little Goat/Adam Seelig
Mourning Dove Doug Theatre and Co./Matt White
Dracula Dr. Seward Magnus Theatre Co./Mario Crudo
Having Hope At Home Bill 1000 Island Playhouse/Marcia Tratt
Oscar & Felix Speed Victoria Playhouse/Costin Manu
The Drawer Boy Morgan Stirling Festival/Caroline Smith
Criminal Genius Rolly Sudbury Theatre Centre/Jim Guedo
Same Time Next Year George Piggery/Greg Tuck
Travesties V.I.Lenin Globe/Susan Ferly
Extremities** Raul Firehall Theatre/Donna Spencer
American Buffalo Teach City Stage/Ray Michal
Life After Hockey Rink Rat Brown National Tour/M Puttonen
Glorious Twelfth* Cale Blythe Fest/Raymond Story
Walt and Roy* Walt Disney City Stage/Ray Michal
Under The Skin* John Gifford New Play Centre/Pam Hawthorne
Dry Lips Outta Move To Kapuskasing Pierre St. Pierre Arts Club/D. Miracle/J Cooper
Chew The Blade* Teddy N.P.C./Robin Nichols
Cold Comfort Stephen Miller Theatre Calgary/Greg Tuck
Fire Truman King WCTC/John Cooper
Fire Truman King Sunshine T/Doug Riske
Winning* Carl A.T.P./John Cooper
Penumbra* cast A.T.P./Alan McGuinness
Fool for Love Eddie Firehall/Ray Michal
Black Bonspiel of Willie MacCrimmon Pipe Globe/Kim Selody
Twelfth Night Feste Banff Festival/Bernard Hopkins
Twelfth Night Toby Belch Firehall/Eric Epstein
Rattle In The Dash* Brandon N.P.C./John Cooper
Cyrano de Bergerac LeBret Bastion/Gateway/K.Shaw
The Stone Angel 2 Father Firehall/Donna Spenser
Tis Pity She’s A Whore Vasques Grinning Dragon/David Bloom
Our Town Editor Webb Gateway/G. Tuck
Puff and Blow Boys* Bob Blythe Fest/Bill Dow
Listowel* Editor Blythe Fest/Paul Thompson
Fool for Love Old man Arts Club/Janet Wright
Black Bonspiel.. Pipe Gateway Theatre/J.Cooper
Taming of the Shrew Sly/Hortesio Carousel Theatre/Roy Surette
Jitters Patrick Flanagan Bishops/G.Tuck
Ecstasy of Rita Joe Judge Firehall/D. Spencer
Rosie’s café* Insp.Sharp Firehall/D.Spencer

Click here for Film/TV/MOW resume


1992 Jessie Richardson Award – Outstanding performance by An Actor BODY OF WORK
**1985 Jessie Richardson Award – Outstanding performance of An Actor in a
Leading Role
1977 BFA in Acting, University of Alberta

Sports: Baseball, Football, Hockey (Vladislav Tretiak Goaltending School)

Dance: Jazz, Ballet, Tango etc.

*Original Production

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